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Monday, November 24th, 2008
9:53 am
I have been having way too much fun with this lately.

Thursday, October 30th, 2008
11:25 am
Sometimes Texans make me sad
I am a Texan.  I love my state, but sometimes my fellow Texans make me sad.

Saturday, October 27th, 2007
1:26 am
Bible Gematria Database
I just found this website and seems like a pretty handy tool.

Monday, August 20th, 2007
8:02 pm
Back to School
With the huge amount of free time I have available, I have decided to go back to college.  I start on Monday.  I'm only taking one class but hey I haven't been to college in ten years so I thought I would ease my way into it.
Friday, August 3rd, 2007
8:58 am
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
I just finished reading The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes.  We were discussing this book at Thelemic Coffee Night.  It is interesting to think that the practices of evocation and K&C/HGA could have come down to us from the breakdown of the bicameral mind and man's attempts to bring back the god voice.  I hear that the Julian Jaynes society has a book with some additional information regarding this theory and I'd like to get a hold of it.  Some of the supporting evidence was pretty thin in places.
Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
10:06 pm
Computer Equipment for Locals
I have some computer equipment that I'm selling and some that I am giving away.  If you are in the Houston area and interested, please let me know

EMachine Eview 17f3 17" Monitor (brand new in box) - $40.00
Canon Pixma iP1700 Printer (brand new in box) - $25.00
US Robotics 56K USB faxmodem - free
Belkin Wireless G Router with 4 port hub - free
Thursday, July 5th, 2007
10:34 pm
Kaaba Colloquium
I'm pleased to announce that the next Kaaba Colloquium will be held here in Houston.  The date is tentatively scheduled for the first weekend in December.  I hope to see lots of you there.  More details will be posted as they become available.
Thursday, May 31st, 2007
2:48 pm
Neti Pot
I love my new neti pot.   I can smell things again!
Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
4:49 pm
Dear World,

I am a feminist.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
4:55 pm

I finally got a LibraryThing and I'm hooked.  I have a cuecat from when they used to give them away and it works wonderfully with this database.  I just started today but hope to get everything in there soon.

Saturday, August 26th, 2006
12:25 pm
Western Mystery Conference
I registered for the Western Mystery Conference in Austin today.  I'm really looking forward to this event.
Monday, August 21st, 2006
4:49 pm
Starry Bayou Website
Starry Bayou Encampment now has a website at


I am a total web design amateur so the site needs some work but I think it is respectable for now and hopefully some of the web experts in the camp can polish it up and get to work adding some content. 
Thursday, July 27th, 2006
4:03 pm
Tour de France
I really hope that Floyd Landis didn't cheat in the Tour de France. Stage 17 was one of the most impressive stages I've ever seen and it would be a shame if Floyd was doping during the Tour.
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
10:37 am
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
I'm sad to hear that Syd Barrett has died. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn was an important album to me.
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
6:47 pm
The mountains win again
I was really torn today between going to Mexico or going to the mountains. The mountains won and I drove to Mt. Lemmon today which I'm glad I did. The mountains were beautiful and it was a whole lot cooler up there. I found myself a rock to sit on at the top and just looked out over the area for a long time. It really made me feel good.
Saturday, June 10th, 2006
6:32 pm
Tombstone, AZ
So I'm in Tucson on business and decided to drive to Tombstone,AZ. I knew the cherry red Ford Mustang rental would get me into trouble and I got pulled over on the way. Luckily, the cop was cool and didn't give me a ticket. Once I got to Tombstone, I saw all the cool sites. Got to go to the OK Corral and so on.

In the evening I went to the Gnostic Mass at Seven Spirits Camp. I had a great time at the mass and chatting with everyone after the mass. As I was leaving, the body master said "call anytime, you have family here" which is what I really love about the OTO.
Friday, June 2nd, 2006
10:28 am
Liber Tzaddi
I have been doing some research on Liber Tzaddi and found and interesting similarity between verse 1 of Liber Tzaddi and a verse from the Book of the Dead. Here is Liber Tzaddi verse 1:

1. I fly and I alight as an hawk: of mother-of-emerald are my mighty-sweeping wings.

Here is a portion from [THE CHAPTER] OF MAKING THE TRANSFORMATION INTO A HAWK OF GOLD from the Book of the Dead

I fly, I alight like a hawk with a back of seven cubits, and the wings of which are like unto the mother-of-emerald of the South.
Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
11:51 am
Gnostic Mass at Horus Oasis
Since I was in Salt Lake City for work, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to see a Gnostic Mass at Horus Oasis. I am very glad that I did. The Mass was beautiful and the hospitality was warm and friendly. I especially love the singing of the anthem. I was gifted with a copy of The Vespers of Nuit and purchased a copy of the Gnostic Mass CD so I came away with plenty of loot. I want to thank everyone from Horus Oasis for an excellent evening.
Monday, January 9th, 2006
11:31 am
Sometimes I do enjoy my job
Here is the view from my hotel room in Layton, UT where I have been sent for two weeks.

Utah Mountains
Monday, October 24th, 2005
4:44 pm
Starry Bayou Encampment
It's Official. Starry Bayou Encampment has come into being. The Electoral College accepted our charter application and we are now an official OTO camp. I'm very excited and looking forward to continued growth of the order in Houston.
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